Door Stopper – Revolutionary New Design

This  New Design Stops Movement Forward And Backward

Most door stoppers are a wedge design which will only hold a door wide open – our GTP Door Stopper will hold a door in place FROM BOTH SIDES – even if you only want it slightly ajar – By stopping the door from both opening and closing – IT’S THE BEST DESIGNED DOOR STOPPER ON THE MARKET.

This means it has a huge number of uses on both Internal and External Doors.

  • KEEPS CHILDREN and PETS SAFE – you can hold a door slightly ajar and they can’t open or close it any further – no more slamming doors on little fingers – stops a door closing when a child is sleeping – GIVES YOU A SENSE OF SECURITY
  • LETS THE BREEZE IN WHILE KEEPING PETS WHERE YOU WANT THEM – either inside or outside – turns interior doors into Pet Gates.
  • GRIPS THE FLOOR – Prevents wall damage from door knobs – Better than other door stopper wedges or rubber door stoppers which only hold a door wide open
  • FLEXIBLE DECORATIVE DESIGN – Works on interior and exterior Swing Doors including French, Pre-hung, Patio, Garage – EASY TO USE – Removable – No mounting necessary.


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