GTP Arthritis Aids Kit with Reacher Grabber, Long Handled Shoe Horn and Button Hook

GTP Arthritis Aids Kit with Reacher Grabber, Long Handled Shoe Horn & Button Hook

This Arthritis Helper Kit has been designed to help those with limited dexterity continue to live independently.  Each Kit contains 3 quality premium items:

Deluxe Collapsible 26″ Reacher Grabber:

Long but Lightweight Handy Reaching Assist Tool for Daily Living Assistance, Golf Ball and Trash Pick Up, Litter Picker, Garden Helper – extends arm length with precision claws with rubberized grips that PICK, GRAB AND HOLD HARD TO REACH ITEMS BIG AND SMALL

Premium Extra Long Handled Shoe Horn:

Built and Designed to last – guides your foot as you comfortably and easily slip on your shoes whether standing or sitting – slip resistant handle and fully-flexible spring-loaded chrome paddle.

Button Hook Puller Tool:

The loop is designed to fit over and lock onto buttons, securely holding them in place – ideal for individuals suffering from limited dexterity or Arthritis – MAKES BUTTONING AN EASY, PAIN-FREE PROCESS

Great Thinking Products search the world for products that work.  Our Arthritis, Seniors and Disability products are selected to ensure both their quality and durability.

All are ergonomically designed to make them easy to hold and use and all are designed to help decrease pain and aid limited dexterity.  Our aim is to allow out customers to continue to do the things they love without continual assistance – that’s why our products also make fabulous and thoughtful gifts.

All our products are backed by our 100% guarantee against faulty workmanship.


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