Anti Cellulite Oil and Vacuum Cup Bundle

Luxurious Anti Cellulite Oil and Professional Massage Vacuum Cups

We’ve paired the Best and Easiest Shaped Cups with our unique Massage Oil – These products have been designed to go together to give you a more BEAUTIFUL, SMOOTHER LOOKING SKIN


ELIMINATE CELLULITE, DETOX AND RADIATE GOOD HEALTH – with our unique body Massage Oil, developed by one of the USA’s most highly respected Botanical and Aromatherapy practitioners.  Its a luxurious, lush Oil that won’t leave you smelling like Bug Spray!


Our shape gives you something to hold onto while you massage – the other round cups are impossible to hold once you’ve got oil on your hands (they don’t tell you that!) – ours give you a lip to grab which means you give yourself a far more effective massage.

Combine our products with a healthy diet and you’ll see fantastic results and the Beach Body you’ve always dreamed of.

ELIMINATE CELLULITE, DETOX AND RADIATE GOOD HEALTH – fascia blasting with our anti cellulite vacuum massager combined with our powerful unique body oil – increases circulation, gives your metabolism a boost and removes toxins from deep tissues.  Your legs, belly and butt will look and feel tighter, firmer and smoother – Cupping therapy helps detoxify your body by stimulating lymphatic drainage, firming skin the natural way. USE TO REDUCE THE APPEARANCE OF STRETCH MARKS AND SPIDER VEINS TOO

Anti Cellulite Oil and Vacuum Cup Bundle

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